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Hello to all! I'm from Russia (Moscow). It is my first visit to this site, and I must apologise, if may be I make a question unduly, not in rignt topic. So... I was serving in Soviet Army (1983-85) on the territory of former DDR in sity Gardelegen, near Magdeburg. I never been there from 1985 till now, and hope that your site can help me (by photos, videos or any information) to see this places, how it looks now? Our quarters (barracks) was, if I not mistake, on a Bismarker Strasse, somewhere here http://www.goyellow.de/map/39638-gardelegen/bismarker-strasse-24/ , against was a cemetery witn a brotherly grave. This places is a part of my life and forever in my heart! Your site have many information, and I don't know where exactly to looking for. Please, help, if it is possible! Excuse me, once again, and excuse my english. Thank you! Valery.
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hello towarish ;)

I have sometimes been there and the last time I passed that facility, the area was cleared off the barracks. I mean the old fashioned buldings righthand the street to north direction. I´m rather sure, they were torn off.
What a shame, I agree.

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